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I am committed to the sport of swimming and the silenced voices in higher education. As an Unapologetic Black Queer Womxn, I understand the complexities of my existence within academia and the sport. It is because of my experiences as a swimmer, coach, and academic, that I understand the importance of the representation of marginalized voices.

I welcome you to read and reflect on the shared materials. Remember that, "Learning to Swim is a Human Right".

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Starting from a young age, I knew that there was a deep connection between myself and water. I enjoyed how the water felt on my skin. Over time, I realized that I was often the only Black Girl Swimmer and the only Black Womyn Coach. I instinctively knew there was a narrative to tell and share with others about my experience as a Black Swimmer. Though I was never the type of swimmer that would achieve local, national, or international recognition for my athletic achievement, my intellectual capability to listen to the experiences of other Black Womxn Swimmers became a passion. 

Though the intentionality of silencing the voices of Black Womxn in the sport of swimming is up for debate, the experiences vary and can no longer be overlooked. I invite you to share your story so that we can remind all that "learning how to swim is a human right".


Tiffany Monique Quash, Ph.D. is a graduate of Indiana University's School of Public Health’s Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Program. She majored in Leisure Behavior with a minor in Higher Education.

Her primary research interests include:

  • Competitive Swimming Equity and Inclusion;

  • College Pedagogy;

  • Leisure Theory;

  • Qualitative Research Methodology;

  • Social Justice;

  • and Higher Education Leadership.

Outside of her academic schedule, Quash was an assistant swim coach with Mount Holyoke College (South Hadley, Massachusetts), and served as an assistant coach for 5 teams (including the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center, Bloomington Swim Club, and Nation's Capital Swim Club), and head swim coach of 3 teams in California.

Currently, Tiffany Monique Quash, Ph.D. is the Qualitative/Survey Research Methodologist at American University's Center for Teaching, Research, & Learning.

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